Pros - What advantage do you get with Soltany Innovations?

Do you have a wish? We take over the implementation of your idea. You dont have to spent addtitional ressources for your project but can use our capacities of Soltany Innovations. Just send us your designs or let us create a design of your prototype or product and get high quality results.

That means:

  • You have the chance to implement changes to your design until 1 day before printing.
  • You get detailed information about your orders.
  • You order, we print and deliver asap directly to you
  • You will be able to get your prototypes faster
  • You will have faster progress in your projects
  • You will save time and money für mouldsof the prototypes and templates
  • You can choose from variety of materials


Do you want to star a project with us? Then you can contact us on the following way:

or via our contact form:

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