Guiding principles of Soltany Training & Consulting

Our company, STC, rises to the challenge of being a competent provider for our customers in the future in all problem situations. This implies that we either have the appropriate expertise within the company or have the necessary partners at our side to advise our clients on a holistic basis.

Our guiding principles are:

  1. Offering a professional service
  2. Seeing problems as challenges and creating solutions
  3. Further developing employees both internally and externally
  4. Loyalty to a company makes a family of it
  5. Working with key figures not for the key figures
  6. Standards should help not hinder
  7. Making wastage measurable
  8. The focus should be on the person not the method
  9. Designing the process from the inside out

Soltany Innovations Team

At Soltany Innovations we attach great importance to professional processes and results. Our Innovations Team is creating solutions for your problems. If you need 3D Print, Low Cost Automation or other tools to improve the workflow inside your projects, be sure our Innovations Team has the solution you need. We support you, everytime, everywhere!

Marcel Pfordte

Business Mathematics

Tel.: +49 171 843 7727

Sultan Arshad

Business Engineering

Tel.: +49 17643878013


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