What is Low Cost Automation (LCA) ?

As Low Cost Automation (LCA) are known automated systems without expensive robot and AI technology. LCA includes very simple but high efficient mechanics, that use gravitation, mechnical springs and ropes to execute specific tasks like transport of parts and products or tools. With LCA solutions you and yourwoprkers can also transport heavy loads with just minimal input. So you can transport for example heavy tools to a workstation when nedded, and transport them back after the work got finished.

You neither need complex nor expensive robot technology to execute these tasks, that would need skilled worker to maintaine them. Your workers will also work more ergonomic on our customized workstations included in our LCA. The workflow along those LCA Solutions is faster and more ergonoomic, that due to higher production capacity and higher employer satisfaction.

What are the basic ideas of LCA?

With Low Cost Automation you will have:

  • Simple Constructions - Systems can get maintained and used very easily
  • Low Cost - A cheap and high efficient Solution
  • Customized Solution - Each LCA Solution will get designed individually for your value stream.
  • Compakt - Each element of our LCA solution has a prupose. Soo you dont have any wastes in the systems.

  • Low Cost Automation Case 1: Reworking Station with Shadowboard and Tools

    At the picture above you can see a workstation for reworking tasks. On that workstation a worker can adjust different parts/components of the product individually. The Shadowboard helps to organise the tools, while the arms ont he left and right side can be used as holding device for the different components.

    Low Cost Automation Case 2: Customized fork arms.

    At the picture above you see the customized fork arm of a forklift for transport and apply of heavy load tools.


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